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The Big Story of the Bible

The whole story of the Bible in 6 ‘chapters’: Creation,  Crisis, Covenant, Christ,  the  Church and Consummation.

“My hope is that, during the course of the series, we will all learn something new about God’s plan for his creation and our place in it. One of my lecturers at Bible College, Dave Perry, used to delight in pointing out the echoes of the Old Testament in the New – I trust we will begin to hear some of those too because they make Bible reading a real journey of discovery and fill us with awe at how the Holy Spirit put this amazing book together to train, encourage and inspire us.”


14/7/2019Deuteronomy 29 (Borderland and Handover)
Continuing our series on the Big Story, considering the return of the Israelites to the primomised land.
Graham Clay
30/6/2019Numbers 21 (end of the wilderness)
Looking at the bible story in Numbers 21 and the journey of the Israelites as they near the end of their time in the wilderness.
Martin Doyle
26/5/2019Continuing the Big Story series with a look at Caleb's Story (Book of Numbers)Caroline Wadsworth
19/5/2019The Big Story - Good News to God's People (Leviticus):
Continuing the Big Story series with a look at the rules and interpretation of Leviticus.
Richard Wadsworth
7/4/2019The Big Story - Where Are You (Exodus 32):
Considering Exodus 32, Moses and Aaron with the Israelites, golden idols and where we are with our journey with God
Vicky Day
24/3/2019The Big Story - When the Rubber Hits the Road: Continuing our study through the Exodus and how God continued to bless His people Israel despite their grumblings.Caroline Wadsworth
17/3/2019The Big Story - Promise in the Desert.
Looking at the many promises God made to His people in the desert and how many of those promises are fulfilled when Jesus walked on this earth.
Richard Wadsworth
3/3/2019The Big Story - Rescue.
Considering the passover and crossing the red sea, two rescues by God of His people.
Graham Clay
17/02/19The Big Story Act 8: Joseph. Continuing the Big Story series, considering Jacob's son Joseph and his story.Caroline Wadsworth
3/2/19The Big Story Act 7: Continuing the Big Story series, considering Jacob's wrestling with the angel and looking in more detail it his life.Matt Grant
27/1/19The Big Story Act 6: Inheritance is a theme that runs throughout the Bible. It is fundamental to us now and who we are in Jesus Christ.Martin Doyle
13/1/19The Big Story Act 5: Abraham was called by God. That call nearly cost the life of his own son. God gave His own son, Jesus for us as He promised.Richard Wadsworth
6/1/19The Big Story Act 4: Abraham. God promised to bless Abraham and took him on a journey of faith. God promises many things to us too.Paula Phillips
2/12/18The Big Story Act 3: Noah. God gave Noah a perfect plan for saving mankind. His perfect plan for our lives continues today.Martin Doyle
4/11/18The Big Story Act 2: The Fall. Considering Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How was God's plan for mankind already falling into place even then?Mark Nash
14/10/18The Big Story Act 1: Creation. God Establishes his KingdomRichard Wadsworth
7/10/18The Big Story - Introduction:
A new series considering the Bible as a whole. What is the main message and how has it come about?
Caroline Wadsworth

Series on 1 John

3/6/181 John: Introduction.
First in a new series of talks on the book of 1 John. Including Background and insight into this eye-witness account of Jesus' amazing time on earth - which is still changing lives today.
Graham Clay
10/6/181 John 1: Establishing the Truth about Jesus.
Second in the series on 1 John. The Good news and the bad news about a personal relationship with Jesus; from a first hand, best friend's account.
Caroline Wadsworth
17/6/181 John 2: Love and Hate.
The third in the series on 1 John; based on 1 John2 v 3-11.
Martin Doyle
24/6/181 John 2v15-29: You have the anointing.
How much can we do in our own strength?
Mark Nash
8/7/181 John 4: Confidence Through Love.
Richard Wadsworth
15/7/181 John 5: Faith Wins.
Paula Phillips
22/7/181 John 5: The True God.
Concluding the series on 1 John
Graham Bower