Fareham Community Church


Questions for further thought from Ananias
(Acts 5 & 9) from Sunday 21st June

a) The account of Ananias & Sapphira makes uncomfortable reading.  What do you think the key differences are between relying on God’s grace and presuming on God’s grace?

b)  Caroline last week pointed out that Peter’s pronouncement of judgement was really a word of knowledge.  Can you think of other examples in the Bible where people’s thoughts or behaviour were challenged because God told someone what was going on? (e.g. 2Sam.12)

c)  Ever since the fall, our human instinct has been to “cover up” or excuse wrong-doing and we still see this daily in the news.  How can we as Christians live counter-culturally to this bad habit?

d)  “Ananias may only be a bit-player in Acts, but his heart and character are aligned with the giants of the faith.”  Do you agree?  Where can you illustrate that from the passage?  What do you think are the heart characteristics of people who are held up as examples in Scripture?

e)  How is your relationship with God right now?  Is there anything that He is putting His finger on out of Acts 9? Share together and commit to encouraging and following up with each other on your progress in this area.