Fareham Community Church

About Us

We are a group of people who long to see God’s Kingdom and his purposes come to pass in the areas where we live.

We believe we are family and a community whose purpose is to represent Jesus to those around us, and to allow him to work through us by grace to touch those who we meet everyday.

To help achieve this and to encourage involvement in the local community we have established the structure laid out below. Our focus areas are:


A group of people passionate about encountering God through worship, prayer, teaching and prophecy. We believe that relationship is key to our lives and most important of these relationships is the one we have with our Heavenly Father. Encountering is all about communication with the Father.


If we don’t grow and feel supported in our faith then we stagnate, those with a focus on growth are responsible for ensuring the teaching and development of our children and young people and also for making disciples, ensuring that everyone in the church is cared for and encouraged to grow in their relationship with Jesus.


Everyone wants to belong, and we are committed to make sure those who are part of our family at FCC know that they belong and they are cared for. Everyone involved in the belonging group have a passion for the people who call FCC home, making sure everyone is welcome when they come into the building, ensuring pastoral needs are met and encouraging everyone to be a part of one of our Life Groups.


These are all the ways that we, as a family, try to affect the world around us. It is so important that the love we show to those within the family, extends to those outside the family. Those involved in connecting make sure that that we create an environment for those outside the church to feel welcome and included in the life of the church. Church is seven days a week and this is expressed in the work here.


OK, maybe the boring stuff, but everyone would miss it if it wasn’t done. We are very blessed at FCC to have a team of incredibly committed staff and volunteers that keep the centre running and a warm welcome for anyone who visits either the church or the Café.