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Be a light to others…

Heading into 28 days of lockdown and thinking about how to encourage us all, I received this:

“As we enter this season of darkness, both in a physical sense with the clocks going back and also in an emotional and perhaps spiritual sense as we move into a second period of lockdown, I am reminded even more powerfully that Jesus is the light of the world.

I was lighting the candles in our pumpkin lanterns this weekend and I realised that the gas lighter I was using had nearly run out of gas and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to light all the candles. But then I realised that I only needed to light one candle, and from this one candle I would be able to light all the others.  This in turn reminded me that it only takes one person to shine the light of Jesus and this can then ‘light up’ others or re-ignite those whose lights have grown dim.  So, I would encourage you that if you feel your light is shining brightly, share it with others who are perhaps struggling at this time or, if you feel your light has grown dim or gone out, draw near to those whose light is shining and allow them to re-ignite you. It is only when we share the light of Christ that we overcome the darkness.”

Thank-you Emma H for this timely encouragement – the Father, in His love, has set us in family and made us one body knowing that we need each other and need to do what Emma has encouraged us to do and together the darkness will be overcome!

Later the same day, Jenny B shared these words that God gave her in a difficult time 32 years ago. As she pointed out Jesus’ words are timeless and the encouragement to come to Jesus is always there.

“Jesus speaks.
I’m here, I’ve not left.
I’m here with ears ready to hear your call.
I’m here with arms that hung on a cross, outstretched now ready to hold you close.
I’m here my presence to comfort and cheer you.
I’m here with eyes that watch over you.
I’m here with a heart that loves you.
I’m here to be “all” to you.
I’m here, I will not leave you.”  

The assurance that Jesus is with us, “with a heart that loves you” – no matter our emotions and thoughts, took me back to Caroline’s talk last Sunday.  She was encouraging us to give time over the 28 lockdown days for “growing in our knowing of Christ and His love”.  Yes, praying the Ephesians 3 prayer for each other and ourselves, but also asking and allowing the Holy Spirit to renew our first love, even in the midst of good activity. 

Three encouragements which could transform us if together we took them to heart.  Who’s up for the journey?



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