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New PTI Newspaper highlights ‘extreme’ child poverty in Sierra Leone

FCC member, James Fallah-Williams has recently returned from visiting his PTI projects in Sierra Leone and writes below to say thank for the support he has received.

A major focus of Jame’s trip was to distribute copies of the brand new PTI Newspaper, ‘The Inch‘, which shines a spotlight on the suffering of so many children, disabled people and women living in Sierra Leone today. The first edition also includes the PTI annual report for 2019-2020; an amazing account of how the charity alleviated suffering in Sierra Leone last year. View The Inch here

James writes:

“I just want to thank you all for the prayers and support for the work in Sierra Leone. It has been two weeks since I came back from a nine-day visit. It was a very eventful visit as I was there to catch-up with our field work after the lockdown, and to distribute a ‘protest’ newspaper.

“Your prayers allowed me to carry out the activities seamlessly, distributing the newspaper to foreign embassies, media houses (and doing a pre-recorded TV interview, which was published a day after I left!), government ministries, and to the general public.

“The key issue was the challenges we encountered with the school project, and the relentless struggles destitute children, women and disabled people are facing day-in-day-out in the country. I am really pleased that we were able to challenge these things publicly. This is the first time this has been done in the country. “

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