Fareham Community Church

Welcome to Fareham Community Church.

During the current Coronavirus crisis, FCC will be meeting and worshipping together online. 

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We are a growing, enthusiastic, family-friendly church with a desire to create a great place of belonging for people of every age and every background. Through our Sunday Celebration and our weekly Small Groups, held in homes around the borough, we try and get the balance of both the big and the small.

We would love you to join us at one of our Sunday meetings. We meet upstairs in our building, The King’s Centre (171-173 West Street, Fareham). A lift is available if you prefer to use it. Our main Sunday meeting begins at 10.30 am, but we serve tea and fresh coffee from 10.15.

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What to expect on a Sunday Morning

We start with a time of worship led by our band.  There may be also be opportunities for people to share personal stories of how God has helped them recently.  After about 20 minutes  the children and youth will go to their own groups and the main meeting continues with interesting and relevant bible based teaching.

Recent Podcasts 


8/3/2020Remember the Last Words:
Sharing from the heart of God's Word, Jesus ministry to us and challenges to us to consider in our lives as as move closer to Him.
Andrew Lendor
1/3/2020Christian Basics (Time):
We often think of time as a commodity. What does God's word say about time? How should we use it?
Phil Norris
23/2/2020Generosity (Financial Giving): What does God say about giving and financial management in His Word? How should we view tithes and giving? Some practical thoughts on generosity and how God can use this to bless us further.Vicki Day
16/2/2020Studying The Bible - Part 2 :
Continuing our thoughts on studying The Bible - what do I need? How should I approach it? More practical thoughts on developing our relationship with God through His Word.
Caroline Wadsworth
9/2/2020What is The Bible? How should we use it? Which one? Are there any things we should be careful of? Practical thoughts on developing our relationship with God through His Word.Graham Clay
2/2/2020Continuing our series on Prayer - first hand experiences giving it all to GodCaroline Wadsworth
26/1/2020Continuing our series on Prayer - petition and first hand experience of a walk with GodJohn and Joan Ansell
5/1/2020First in a new series on Christian Basics. This week Prayer - what is it, why do we do it and how? Focusing inially on pausing to pray.Graham Clay
15/12/2019Nativity (All About God)Martin Doyle
1/12/2019Continuing our series on Luke. This week the three parts of Luke 16-17.Caroline Wadsworth
24/11/2019Continuing our series on Luke. This week Luke chapter 14Graham Clay
17/11/2019Luke 13 (Power in Repentance) Tim Lockwood
03/11/2019Luke (Jesus Sends Out the 72)Martin Doyle
27/10/2019Luke (chapters 11-12). There are divisions in life and God is calling us to be decisive about where we are with them.Richard Wadsworth
20/10/2019Luke (chapters 9-10). Who are you? Who does God say you are?Martin Doyle
13/10/2019Please contact the church for a copy of Basil's talk.Basil D'Souza
6/10/2019Continuing our series on Luke (chapter 8 here). Jesus calms the storm and uses every aspect of the situation to point to God and to develop the faith of those around Him.Vicki Day
29/9/2019Continuing our series on Luke (chapter 6 and 7 here). We sometimes need to risk our reputation in order to reach out to others.Greg Whittick
22/9/2019Short talks and testimonies from God's family at Harvest timeCaroline, Richard and Martin
15/9/2019Luke and the Mission of Jesus (Watch and Learn)Graham Clay
8/9/2019Baptism - What's The Fuss? Thoughts and testimonies on Baptism.Richard Wadsworth
1/9/2019Continuing our series on the values of the Church - Journey, through live, with God, never on our own.Caroline Wadsworth
25/8/2019Continuing our series on the values of the Church - Journey, through live, with God, never on our own.David Wadsworth
18/8/2019Continuing our series on the values of the Church - Loving OthersGraham Clay
11/8/2019Continuing our series on the values of the Church - Living as a FamilyRichard Wadsworth
4/8/2019First in a series on the values of the Church - Jesus at the Centre of our livesSue Fear
21/7/2019Thinking about the mission of the Church, and for our Church? Where are we and where do we need to go next?Richard Wadsworth
14/7/2019Continuing our series on the Big Story, considering the return of the Israelites to the primomised land.Graham Clay
7/7/2019God is One. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength.Phil Norris
30/6/2019Looking at the bible story in Numbers 21 and the journey of the Israelites as they near the end of their time in the wilderness.Martin Doyle
23/6/2019For many of us, we can see the gifts that God has for us but we need confidence to take them and to use them. God wants to bless us through His gifts.Peter Butt
16/6/2019We are often good at talking, sometimes to God, but listening and hearing from God usually needs more work. God is talking when we are ready to listen.Martin Doyle
9/6/2019Pentecost (Christ in Us)Richard Wadsworth
26/5/2019Continuing the Big Story series with a look at Caleb's Story.Caroline Wadsworth
19/5/2019Continuing the Big Story series with a look at the rules and interpretation of Leviticus.Richard Wadsworth
12/5/2019Jesus did not just happen to die at the time of Passover, it was all part of God's carefully crafted plan and the reason we still share communion in a special way today.Graham Clay and Caroline Wadsworth
5/5/2019God is generous in the way he loves us and made the world. He made gold and diamonds and everything we might consider precious, but there is much more.Pete and Paula Phillips

How to get involved!

Join a small group

If you’re new to FCC our mid week small groups are great ways to get to make friends and get to know God more. There are lots to choose from. For a list of the groups available email:

Find out about FCC teams

There are  many teams who work together to make things happen at FCC. Joining a team is another great way to get to know people and have fun. No matter what your interests or gifts there will be something for you: from helping at The Ark toddler group, to welcoming people on a Sunday morning to playing in the worship Band.   If you’d like to see the list of teams and find out more, then click here.

The faith journey

We are all on a journey of faith and think everyone should have the opportunity to talk through the big questions; such as ‘Why are we here?’, ‘Where are we going?’ and ‘Who really is Jesus?’

If you would like to explore these big issues then coming on a Sunday morning is a great first step.  Attending an Alpha Course is also a great idea. This course was to designed to  give people space to explore and openly discuss the Christian faith. Every evening is slightly different, but always  includes a meal and a very warm welcome. We run three Alpha Courses a year – with the next one starting in January.  Email the Alpha team or Click the link below: