Fareham Community Church

Welcome to Fareham Community Church.

We are a growing, enthusiastic, family friendly church  with a desire to create a great place of belonging for people of every age and every background. Through our Sunday Celebration and our weekly Small Groups, held in homes around the borough, we try and get the balance of both the big and the small.

We would love you to join us at one of our Sunday meetings. We meet upstairs  in our building, The King’s Centre (171-173 West Street, Fareham). A lift is available if you prefer to use it. Our main Sunday meeting begins at 10.30am, but we serve tea and fresh coffee  from 10.15.

What to expect on a Sunday Morning

We start with a time of worship led by our band.  There may be also be opportunities for people to share personal stories of how God has helped them recently.  After about 20 minutes  the children and youth will go to their own groups and the main meeting continues with interesting and relevant bible based teaching.

Recent bible teaching: The Big Story

17/3/2019Promise in the Desert.
Looking at the many promises God made to His people in the desert and how many of those promises are fulfilled when Jesus walked on this earth.
Richard Wadsworth
3/3/2019The Big Story - Rescue.
Considering the passover and crossing the red sea, two rescues by God of His people.
Graham Clay
17/02/19The Big Story Act 8: Joseph. Continuing the Big Story series, considering Jacob's son Joseph and his story.Caroline Wadsworth
3/2/19The Big Story Act 7: Continuing the Big Story series, considering Jacob's wrestling with the angel and looking in more detail it his life.Matt Grant
27/1/19The Big Story Act 6: Inheritance is a theme that runs throughout the Bible. It is fundamental to us now and who we are in Jesus Christ.Martin Doyle
13/1/19The Big Story Act 5: Abraham was called by God. That call nearly cost the life of his own son. God gave His own son, Jesus for us as He promised.Richard Wadsworth
6/1/19The Big Story Act 4: Abraham. God promised to bless Abraham and took him on a journey of faith. God promises many things to us too.Paula Phillips
2/12/18The Big Story Act 3: Noah. God gave Noah a perfect plan for saving mankind. His perfect plan for our lives continues today.Martin Doyle
4/11/18The Big Story Act 2: The Fall. Considering Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How was God's plan for mankind already falling into place even then?Mark Nash
14/10/18The Big Story Act 1: Creation. God Establishes his KingdomRichard Wadsworth
7/10/18The Big Story - Introduction:
A new series considering the Bible as a whole. What is the main message and how has it come about?
Caroline Wadsworth

How to get involved!

Join a small group

If you’re new to FCC our mid week small groups are great ways to get to make friends and get to know God more. There are lots to choose from. For a list of the groups available email office@farehamcommunitychurch.com.

Find out about FCC teams

There are  many teams who work together to make things happen at FCC. Joining a team is another great way to get to know people and have fun. No matter what your interests or gifts there will be something for you: from helping at The Ark toddler group, to welcoming people on a Sunday morning to playing in the worship Band.   If you’d like to see the list of teams and find out more, then click here.

The faith journey

We are all on a journey of faith and think everyone should have the opportunity to talk through the big questions; such as ‘Why are we here?’, ‘Where are we going?’ and ‘Who really is Jesus?’

If you would like to explore these big issues then coming on a Sunday morning is a great first step.  Attending an Alpha Course is also a great idea. This course was to designed to  give people space to explore and openly discuss the Christian faith. Every evening is slightly different, but always  includes a meal and a very warm welcome. We run three Alpha Courses a year – with the next one starting in January.  Email the Alpha team or Click the link below: